GAUDI beyond dedicated care



Leveraging large-scale clinical platform for clinical trials

With quick, easy access to Juntendo's massive clinical platform (more than 3 million outpatients and more than 1 million in-patients a year), we offer support for the pursuit of diverse research and development, together with Juntendo's doctors and other medical professionals.

One-stop-shop assistance with social implementation of seeds of development

Experts in their respective fields, including think tanks, CROs, patent attorneys, and venture capital firms, from outside the university come together to provide one-stop-shop assistance from uncovering development seeds to implementing them in society (commercialization of products, business launches).

Transdisciplinary approach encompassing the entire Juntendo organization

The GAUDI Secretariat has been established inside Juntendo University Medical Technology Innovation Center, an organization under the direct control of the University President; it assists the management of research strategies across the entire university. Six undergraduate faculties, three graduate faculties, and six attached hospitals are ready to enhance your project.

Pursuit of a future vision as a health-focused university

GAUDI assists with development in a wide range of fields that leverage Juntendo's potential as a health-focused university, from research of new medical technologies based on clinical needs, such as regenerative medicine, medical equipment, and treatment of incurable diseases, to research based on new technologies and data, such as medical AI, genome medicine, and RWD research, and further, innovations fused with sports health science.

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