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GAUDI will closely examine the individual problems of researchers and corporations, then propose specific solutions.

R&D Concierge Service
Clinical trial
concierge services
  • We will provide opportunities to exchange opinions with Juntendo's Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) and clinical physicians.
  • We will assist with the construction of the R&D frameworks needed to conduct clinical trials We provide a wide range of assistance, from placements of full-time project managers to Pharmaceutical Act responses, production of research plans, IRB applications, and data management services.
  • You will have access to Juntendo University's large-scale clinical database from the trial planning stages. We aim for clinical trials to be conducted in the shortest amount of time, based on highly accurate patient information.
Verification trial
concierge services
  • Using hospitals as the field for verification trials, we will assist in the development of systems and applications that will contribute to improving hospital functions.
  • We will assist your plan with services such as placements of full-time project managers, establishment of verification trial frameworks, coordination with responsible departments (outpatient department, wards, etc.), and production of verification trial SOPs.
  • Where necessary, we can set up a simulation room to conduct the verification trial prior to conducting it in the hospital.
Financing support

If you need to procure funds for your R&D, we will help you to prepare applications for government funding and of business plans for procuring private-sector funding, and introduce you to GAUDI-affiliated venture capital firms.

Start-up support

We provide various kinds of support for establishing a start-up for clients hoping to turn their development into a business.

Non-clinical testing support

If non-clinical testing is required, we will introduce you to partner non-clinical testing facilities.

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