One-stop supporting with social implementation of seeds

GAUDI is a membership-based open innovation program. Supporting such as team building, incubation of entrepreneurial ventures, R&D fundraising, non-clinical laboratory studies, clinical trials, and building business strategy on the GAUDI with outside experts.

Juntendo Academic Research Organization

Medical Technology Innovation Center

Supports all-round R&D activities interdisciplinary in Juntendo and aiming to implementation.

Research Promotion Center

Supports industry-academia collaborations as well as basic research.

Clinical Research and Trial Center

Facilitating every functions ready to conduct clinical research.

GAUDI Partners

  • Think tanks with strengths in life science fields
  • Patent firms expertise in academia
  • Financial institutions and venture capital firms that can assist project incubation
  • Industrial promotive organization cooperating with GAUDI
  • Non-clinical laboratories cooperating with GAUDI
  • Medical device certification organizations as essential functions for medical businesses

GAUDI has three types of stages, such as a start-up stage, an acceleration stage and a project stage.
These stages are recommended by GAUDI to fit each member’ s R&D procedure toward implementation.